Software Entry

Welcome to the personal version of AutoOED! This section introduces how to start the software and create tasks for optimization.

Starting the Software

If you directly installed the executable file of the software, then simply double-click the executable file to start. Otherwise, if you installed the software through source code, please run


The software will start with this window:


Managing Tasks

Since users will probably use AutoOED for multiple optimization tasks and maybe for different problems, AutoOED supports task management through the three buttons shown in the screenshot above:

  • Create Task for creating new optimization tasks.

  • Load Task for loading existing tasks that were created before.

  • Remove Task for removing existing tasks that are not useful anymore.

Creating Tasks

After clicking Create Task, this window will pop up:


You need to input a name for your new task, which cannot be the same as existing tasks. Then, click Create to create the task.

Loading Tasks

After clicking Load Task, this window will pop up:


You need to input the name of your existing task. Then, click Load to load that task.

Removing Tasks

After clicking Remove Task, this window will pop up:


You need to input the name of the task you want to remove. Then, click Remove to remove that task.

Main Interface

After the task is created or loaded, the software will enter its main interface:


Currently this interface is not showing any optimization status becaus we don’t have the problem initialized yet, You will need to navigate to Building Problem and Building Experiment later on for being able to run the real optimization.